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Friday 12 October 2012 15:07.


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The Wire:
I haven’t seen the Wire but stephen in my TV club is highly recommending it and that’s good enough for me! Apparently it’s called "The Wire" because the police set up a trip wire. The bad guy’s trip up on it and the police are like "Yea-aah"

Arrested Development:
Both the Rap Group and the TV Series are excellent.

Game of Thrones:
Anyone watching this show, its great but watch out there are a lot of sex scenes which are gross! YUCK!

The Office (UK):
I would say that I quite like the US version as well but I’m worried that nerds will attack me! Ricky Gervais on the cover of a book titled "The Office And Philosophy" ‘I didn’t realize what I genius I was till I read this book… I did realize – and I haven’t read the book.’

Jono and Ben at Ten:
Some would say that it’s one of the greatest shows made in the history of all time, Others would argue that it’s greatest show the world has ever seen period. The important thing is that it’s an amazing show that you should be watching tonight 10pm on TV3.

Close Runners Up:
Homeland, The News, That show where the police chase the guys, Target, Anything with Shane Cortese.

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