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What's Luke's Best Dramatic Pause Technique?

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What’s your X Factor talent? What would you perform if you were auditioning?
I am really good at the running man, and I think any of my friends would come to see that!

All The X Factor hosts are known for their intense, drawn out dramatic pausing. What’s your technique?
Wait 5 secs, then another 5… I have an earpiece in, so I keep a poker face until the Director says..."All yours Luke"!

What’s the main thing you’re loving about being a host vs dramatic acting?
I love that The X Factor is LIVE.  So much energy, and you’re really living in the moment.  Also, we only have one take, so I don’t hear "OK one more time" from the director!

Do you get recognised more nowadays?
I have busy days where people say hi or try and catch my eye, or else think they know me personally…and that can be both fun and a little awkward! But then I have days when not one person says hi, so it varies all the time!

Who’s your favourite judge on The X Factor Australia this year and why? Don’t worry, you can tell us...
It’s hard to pick a favourite. But I’ve known Nat and Ronan for the longest, BUT Foo and Dannii are fantastic too so...

Tell us the craziest story from your time on The X Factor Australia.
When I rehearsed with 1 Direction, I tripped and landed on Harry and Niall!

Most memorable moment for you so far has been…
Meeting Beyonce in Season 2 in New York!!

The best part of being a part of The X Factor Australia is…
I get to meet future Stars and watch them turn into Artists - that’s a real privilege.

What advice would you give to someone too shy about trying out for The X Factor?
DONT BE SHY!  You never know what can happen when you take a chance.

3 things you absolutely cannot live without:
Food, bed and my phone. My dog and my girl are a given!

One thing most people don’t know about me is…
Is that I LOVE to keep a little mystery!

Just kidding - here's three things you need to know about me:

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