The Johnsons

TY (Jared Turner)


JARED TURNER plays TY, the third Johnson brother and human incarnation of HODOR (aka Hodur, Hoor or Hoth), the Norse God of winter and darkness.

Ty is now ‘happily’ married to Eva, aka Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld.

Though there is undoubtedly a fair degree of passion in their relationship, it is most definitely not what you’d call ‘healthy’. The general consensus is that Ty has just landed in the mother of all dysfunctional God-Goddess relationships. More on Ty and Eva here.

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About Jared Turner

Despite some impressive film, television and commercial credits, series one of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS was Jared Turner’s first lead television role.

His film credits include Underworld, 30 Days of Night and Fracture. He has also appeared on the television series Go Girls, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury and Outrageous Fortune.

Jared has played a range of roles in the theatre including a part in Julie Nolan’s highly acclaimed The Arrival, and leads in Stepping into Shadows, The Rules of the Game, The Castle and Sydney Opera House’s Sixpack.

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