Technical Consultant - Neil Grimstone

Technical Consultant - Neil Grimstone

Neil Grimstone, the ex-Auckland Branch Manager of leading New Zealand security company, MATRIX SECURITY GROUP, was a highly regarded and somewhat controversial South Auckland detective who was famous for never having an unsolved case in 27 years.

Before leaving the police force in 2007, Neil had worked throughout the Counties Manukau policing district in various positions and on some of the country’s most high profile and difficult investigations, including the death of 20-year-old Chris Currie after a lump of concrete was thrown on to his car while he drove along the Southern Motorway; and the shocking rape of a woman in Pukekohe who managed to escape and seek help at a petrol station.

Neilhas supplied much of the language, authenticity, attitude and tone of the world of police and criminals forHARRY. It’s Neil who has ensured the delivery of authenticity, the use of correct police language (e.g. “the truth suit” is the suit a detective wears to court, “shaking the trees” is a term for police investigating in the streets, etc.), and who has saved the team when we were tempted to err down the road of easy outs or police make-believe.

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