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The 10 Best Landscaping Tips

A beautifully landscaped garden adds huge value to a property. Gardens alone are harder to come by with new houses in this day and age, so investing in a lush, well-maintained outdoor area is a valuable feature.

Before you landscape your outdoor area, consider these tips from the experts:

  1. Sketch your area on paper, add dining areas, water features, courtyards and different sized plants. Do a few sketches with features in different areas.

  2. Research by visiting friends’ gardens and ask them about their plants. Which have grown the best? Taking a stroll and looking at the front gardens of upmarket houses is a great way to garner inspiration. Look at lots of photos in gardening magazines, books at the library and website – even just a few Google Image searches or Pinterest scans will give you new ideas. Do all this before you head to plant shop!

  3. Objective? Deciding on the purpose of the area will actually help decision making greatly! Do you want the kids to be able to run around? Do you want to entertain lots of guests? Do you want a haven for you and your partner? Figure that out and half the planning is done!

  4. Consider sunlight. Where does the sunrise in the morning, where does it sit between 11am and 3pm? Will your garden be bathed in light or is a large tree sheltering the area? Taking note will help you choose plants that thrive your specific environment.

  5. Work around a focal point. It could be a large tree, a large lush plant, a sculpture, a water feature, or even the front of your house. Where will the eye be drawn to?

  6. Go bulk. Plant a large amount of the same type of plant to add bold interest.

  7.  Stick to a colour palette. Decide on the colour scheme you would like to employ before you go shopping and purchase plants that fit this schema. Look at contrasting colours too. Red or purple contrasts nicely with lime green leaves.

  8. Don’t underestimate the power of a hedge. Add hedges or footpaths to dictate paths that people can enjoy in the garden and ensure more of the space is explored.

  9. Add bold pots. Incorporate more of your colour scheme with large pots in that colour

  10. Design a garden you LOVE. The more you love looking at it, the more time you will want to spend in it gardening. (and weeding!)

Holly Roberts

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