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The Asparagus is Kicking In: Season 3, Episode 8

The Almighty Johnsons Season 3 Episode 8

The Gundersen for Mayor campaign is in full swing now, with Dawn front and centre, keeping Colin and Anders on message and on track. Colin is especially enjoying being whipped into shape by Dawn, and demands that she accompany him to a function he must attend. Anders senses this won’t end well and tries to run interference. But Dawn is won over – she will go to the ball.

Meanwhile Axl and Mike return from their road trip from Norsewood back to Auckland. Mike is satisfied that Axl is over his dramas and traumas, and ready to resume a normal life. But Axl is keen to move on the whole Jormungand thing – whatever that means. His first port of call is Olaf, who demands to be taken to the beach and, once there, upon being told of Axl’s intriguing development, demands to be fed beer and asparagus rolls.

Back in the city Olaf cones up, to really get the Oracle synapses working overtime. He tells Axl and Zeb that Jormungand is a mythical serpent, put into the oceans of Midgard (Earth) by Odin. This serpent is so big it goes all the way round the world and holds its tail in its mouth. If it is stirring, this is a sign it is getting ready to let go its tail – and that means Ragnarok; the end of the world.

Back at j:pr Colin is pulling out all the stops for his work-date with Dawn – including buying her a flash new dress. Anders puts the hard word on Colin – Dawn is off limits. Colin assures him of his innocence – besides, he never chases women in relationships. But then along comes Lance, who objects to both the dress and the fact Dawn is standing him up to go out with Colin. When forced to make a choice, Dawn dumps Lance in favour of work. Thus Dawn is rendered single and therefore Anders gets to worry a whole lot more.

Next stop on the Jormungand trail is to tell the news to Mike. But when he dismisses this as madness and stoned delusion, it is back to the beach for Axl and Olaf. There Olaf uses the distinct urinary powers of the asparagus to summon Tigilau, the Polynesian God and guardian of the fishes (and mate of Olaf’s). Tigilau confirms that it is chaos in the ocean and Jormungand is, indeed, stirring.

Dawn is now frocked up, ready to go, when Colin slips Anders the dagger blow: yes, he wants Dawn – just because he can. And what is more he wants Anders to use his Bragi powers on Dawn to make sure the deal is clinched. Even Anders balks at this, but Colin makes it clear – if Anders does not do this thing for him, the consequences for Anders will be dire. Thus Anders is not of good mind when Ty, alerted to the fact Dawn is going out with Colin, gets in his ear. He brings Ty up to date with the latest demands. Ty is adamant – you cannot let this happen. But Anders, caught between a rock and a cold place, seemingly acquiesces to Colin’s demand; slipping a quiet word in Dawn’s ear.

Axl, meanwhile, is trying to convince Mike that the Jormungand/Ragnarok thing is real. But Mike is not having a bar of it – and he tells Axl to get with the real world; get a job; stop this crazy stuff. Axl appears to take this on board, but later, with Zeb, he re-resolves to dedicate his life to finding Frigg, becoming Odin and using his Odin powers to stop Jormungand. The Quest is back on!

Meanwhile things seem to be going swimmingly for Colin as he and Dawn kiss. She then lures him into the alley behind the party venue. There Colin is displeased to find Ty and Anders waiting for them. Anders sends Dawn on her way, but she finds her exit blocked by a truck driven by the mysterious stranger. Thus she turns back to see the confrontation between the Gods, as a powered-up Hod brings forth a blizzard and breaks Colin’s arm in the process of leaving him a message: leave Dawn alone.

When Ty and Anders tell Mike what they have done, Mike uses this as the impetus to have his own show-down with Colin, leaving him another message: leave the Johnsons alone.

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