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Thursday 13 September 2012 16:05.

The Big Sports Weekend Podcast

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Love sports!? Love not sports (the opposite of sports!)? Then I have the podcast for you!

"Whats a podcast?" Murray "Deaks" Deaker asks stupidly. "I don't really have time to explain what a podcast is to you right now Murray, so stop reading if you're already confused by the word 'podcasts'!" I say frustrated by how stupidly Murray "Deaks" Deaker asks the question.

Introducing the "Big Sports Weekend" podcast (formally known as the “Big Sports Weekend Round Up” brackets “With The Lads” close brackets or BSWRU (WTL) is your weekly dose of people talking about sports, who don’t really know that much about sports, but are kind of into sports.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes HERE

Or stream it straight from the website HERE

Either way it's awesome (hopefully). The podcast features myself and some of New Zealand's premier sports ‘non experts’ including Dai Henwood (@DaiHenwood) Joseph Moore (@josephmoore1) and Tom Furniss (@tomfurnissnz).

None of whom will be appearing on Jono and Ben at Ten (Friday nights 10pm TV3) the show which this blog is supposed to be about. (This whole post is a shameless plug! - Ed.).

Don’t stop believing,


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