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By Adrienne Kohler

After ten weeks, and a mammoth amount of smashing, digging and painting, The Block NZ is done and dusted. Firstly, a big congratulations to Libby and Ben. From the get-go, it was obvious they were the team to beat, but I wanted everyone else to win too! The difficulty I have found writing this blog is that all eight contestants are really nice. Sure, they had their quirks and cranky moments, but overall they were quite simply lovely people. How they got their backyards finished in time is beyond me - it was a herculean effort. On the open day I went to, the places looked amazing. I’m sure on closer inspection the faults would have been there, but each had its own identify and feel – not the cookie cutter show homes that are so often on display.

The auction was nerve-wracking as Libby and Ben went so well to begin with and then for the rest the numbers fell and fell and fell. I felt like crying when Rachel and Tyson didn’t make more than reserve. I know it’s silly, for a whole world of reasons – it’s just a reality show, it’s only money, other people need it more etc., etc. But I think where this particular show has succeeded is that the teams are real people, living real lives and it was easy to become emotionally engaged with their adventure. And it has been adventure. There are couple types of fun - type one: fun at the time and fun afterwards. Type two is crap at the time but fun in retrospect – and I think it will fall into this category for the contestants.

The things I’ll miss: Rachel veering between bolshie and hippy, Tyson’s comments- Hansel and Gretel, and designers who wear socks with sandals! Ginny and Rhys bickering away like a couple of chickens cackling in the barnyard and then achieving amazing results. Sarah and Richard’s dinner wars and then taking it on the chin when it rebounded on them. Libby and Ben’s competitiveness, especially Ben’s expressions when he thinks they should have won.

The water pipe assembly challenge was the outstanding entertainment, although the very last challenge when Sarah and Richard realised Rachel and Tyson were going to do the wallpapering was up there for sheer entertainment value. Sarah reminded me of a cat that is sitting quietly, but the swishing tail shows it’s not happy at all!

My favourite rooms are Rachel and Tyson’s dining room, Ginny and Rhys’s kitchen, Sarah and Richard’s backyard and Libby and Bens’ lounge and bathroom. So could you assemble them all in one house for me? Ta.

My favourite moment of the last ten weeks, and I hope was for the teams as well, was going through the houses and being so impressed at the final result – these guys really put their hearts and souls into this competition. It’s been a great journey.

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