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The Blood from the Stones - Season 8, Ep 20

The Blood from the Stones - Season 8, Ep 20

A body is found in an SUV in a vacant lot. The exposed flesh left in the hot, arid air has dried out, but the flesh under the clothes, which was in a humid environment, has almost completely decayed. The victim was shot, but the slugs were dug out of the body to prevent identification. A Winchester is found in the trunk with its serial numbers filed off; it's been fired recently, but it's not the murder weapon.

The investigation is filmed by thrill-seeking documentarian Andrew Jursic, who has been commissioned to shoot a film to raise funds for the Jeffersonian. Hodgins is a fan, but Brennan resents it when Dr. Edison is assigned to work alongside her to provide a friendlier face to the proceedings. The victim, Quentin Coles, turns out to have been a diamond thief... but he had a secret that Booth quickly uncovers: he was an undercover cop.

Suspects include the diamond merchant Coles was working for and the head of the local Major Crimes unit, as well as a gang that's been robbing ATMs for cash. The discovery that Coles was shot by two different guns – as well as the discovery of a dismembered foot – provide breaks in the case, but it is unexplained traces of leather and alcohol found on the victim that lead to the guilty party. Meanwhile, love is in the air as Andrew finds himself falling for Caroline Julian.

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