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The Don't In The Do, Season 7, Ep 9


A blue-dyed human head drops out of the sky, along with a bunch of dead seagulls which are also dyed blue. The Jeffersonian team discover that the birds have picked apart a corpse in a landfill and were poisoned by the dye. Matches found near the rest of the body indicate the victim was doused with chemicals and then set on fire, but the mass of gunk in the landfill makes determining the composition of the accelerant difficult. The victim is identified as Santiago, a hair stylist from a high end salon who, it transpires, was a ladies' man. But was he killed by a jealous lover... or a jealous fellow hair stylist who resented Santiago's success? The discovery that Santiago had a drug problem adds to the list of suspects. And the discovery that the victim was scalped sends the investigation in a new direction.

Meanwhile, Brennan is feeling like a stranger in her own body after her birth. Booth is upset at first when Sweets suggests that Booth is feeling marginalized because the baby is taking Brennan's attention away from him, but decides to take his suggestion to buy Brennan something that will make her feel beautiful. And Arastoo is ecstatic that he's having his first scholarly paper published, but his enthusiasm gets the better of him.

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