Previously on Bones

The Family In The Feud, Season 7, Ep 11


A decaying body in boots and overalls – and with glowing eyes – is found "standing" against a tree in a backwoods area, the straps of his overalls snagged on a branch. The glowing eyes were the result of glowing worms in the eye socket. Based on the bones, Brennan thinks the victim was about 80 years old, but based on his musculature, Cam thinks he was closer to 40; when Daisy discovers he's a polydactyl – he has six toes – he's quickly IDed as Tug Babcock, age 65. He was shot at close range, shattering his pelvis. Tug's family say they were feuding with the Mobley family... a feud that's been going on for over a hundred years. The first suspect is gun-happy Mobley family patriarch Norbert, but when Hodgins and Angela find a rich vein of copper on the Babcock's land, a new suspect is discovered: Dennis Timmons, head of a small mining company that had mining rights that wouldn't come into play until Tug's death... and who was broke and had been trespassing, digging up a bit of copper in order to get a bank loan. Timmons points them towards yet another suspect, a young blonde girl who shot at him. And things get even more complicated when Daisy finds that the bones of the shattered pelvis don't match the victim... which indicates there were two victims. Daisy becomes convinced that she can solve the case by finding out what really started the Babcock/Mobley feud, and a surprising clue is found in the truffles that grow in abundance on the Babcock's land.

Meanwhile, Brennan's way-too-exacting standards have caused one exasperated day care facility after another to refuse to care for her daughter, and they can't decide on hiring a babysitter... but Bones is reluctant when Booth suggests they give the babysitting duties to Christine's doting grandfather Max – the man who abandoned Brennan as a child.

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