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The Maiden in the Mushrooms - Season 8, Ep 21

The Maiden in the Mushrooms - Season 8, Ep 21

A body is found buried face-down in a mushroom-covered mound of dirt in the basement of an abandoned building in a bad neighborhood. The victim shows no sign of assault, and is well-dressed, though she may have been living beyond her means and presenting a false front to the world. The victim, Rebecca Pearce, was reported missing by "Judge Trudy," a famous – and pugnacious – small-claims court judge with a TV show.

It turns out that Rebecca was a producer on the show; her job was to recruit litigants for the show. Suspects include her fellow employees, including her ex-boyfriend, Bailiff Griff; the show's litigants, who she would deliberately rile up before the show to make for better television; and a guy she met through a dating service who had been stalking her. A bite of catfish unexpectedly leads Finn to a break in the case.

Meanwhile, Brennan refuses to accept a report from preschool that Christine bit another child – average behavior for a small child, but Brennan cannot accept that her daughter might be average in any way... and she insists on investigating. And Finn is upset when Hodgins uses the last of Finn's homemade hot sauce, which was made by Finn's late grandmother... so Hodgins uses all of his tools at the Jeffersonian to chemically recreate it.

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