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The Mother Of All Dysfunctions

Mother dearest

So amid the hub-bub, threats, contracts and marriage drama at the end of season 1 was the startling revelation that Agnetha is the mother of the Johnson boys.

A disturbing discovery not only because Anders was hitting on her. Eww.

Alison Bruce, who plays Agnetha, says the the relationship is "difficult."

"I don’t think any of them really love Agnetha but there’s that thing of ‘oh, but she is our mother’." 

Indeed, when last the boys saw the family matriarch she was disappearing off to become a tree, leaving eldest son Mike to look after the family.

More recently Agnetha – as head of the Goddess bitch squad - put a hit out on the youngest Johnson, Axl, ordering her baby boy killed at his 21st.

So it’s understandable that there are some mixed emotions surrounding Mummy-dearest’s return.

Axl is just plain horrified.

One minute she’s trying to kill him, the next she wants him to join her business empire and rule the world together. It’s a move straight out of the Darth Vader Guide To Parenting.

Not surprisingly, Axl won’t be popping round for tea and sympathy any time soon.

Used to being in control where women are concerned, Anders seems surprisingly meek when it comes to his mother. He’s been dispatched on a secret mission to Norway. “Fetch, Anders.”

Never one to do anything that doesn’t benefit himself, Anders obviously sees some profit in an alliance with Mater.

Mother or not, Mike still sees Agnetha as a cause for concern. Tim Balme, who plays Mike, says that while in the first series Agnetha was an anonymous force behind the Goddesses, this series - she's out in the open. And that makes her even more of a worry.

"The strongest threat is coming from their very own mother."

Newly single, Mike has regressed to a teenage-like state. He's living in Axl’s, drinking, screwing, utilising his gifts with games, and generally making up for lost time. Having left a marriage, he’s in no hurry to be under the thumb of the woman.

And speaking of marriage – that brings us to Ty – the newly wed.

Unlike Mike and Axl, Ty isn’t averse to having his mother back. Indeed of all her sons, Ty is the one where Agnetha seems to show the most motherly affection.

She’s certainly not keen on the hold that Ty’s wife Eva is having on her little boy. The choker hold, that is, - along with the cuts, and the bruises – Eva is proving quite the little Hel-cat.

True, Agnetha may not be mother of the year, but even the worst mother can become a tigress when you mess with one of her own.

So just as Ty gets a mother, Eva gets a mother-in-law. Oh and we all know how troublesome mother-in-laws can be. Stay tuned for more...


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