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The Secret in the Siege - Season 8, Ep 24

The Secret in the Siege - Season 8, Ep 24

Pelant, the left side of his face still horribly scarred from where Booth shot him as he escaped when last we saw him, is tracking Brennan's movements via a bank of computers – a state-of-the-art setup he's put together with the money he stole from Hodgins, money that's also bought him a stately home for a hideaway.

Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian team are called in to investigate the murder of a middle-aged man who was shot dead in a state park, the apparent victim of a professional hit man. They realize that the body was left for them to find, and suspicion quickly turns to Pelant... especially when the victim is IDed as Alan Friedlander, a former partner of Booth's who recently retired.

Booth organizes a team of FBI agents to investigate, but before long another agent has been killed, just as Sweets realizes that Pelant has hacked his records and is using Sweets' own research against them. As Pelant taunts Booth, the Jeffersonian team scramble to find the method behind Pelant's increasingly homicidal madness. As they search for the surrogate Pelant is using to carry out the murders, Brennan, fearing for Booth's safety, comes to a major decision... a personal decision that enrages Pelant.

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