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The Top 16's Glam Music Video


They made it through the "Judges Homes" and now the real work begins! Before heading into the Live shows, the Top 16 got made over.

Check out the Top 16 as they strut their stuff in this sassy music video shot during their Glam Photo Shoot in L.A.!

What do you think? Who's got the best look?

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GIF It To Me X Factor!

Top 16 hidden talents

The Top 16 Hidden Talents

Check out some of the hidden talents of The X Factor Top 16!

Top 16 celebrity crushes

The Top 16 Celebrity Crushes

The Top 16 talk about which celebrities make their heart skip a beat. Check out the Top 16 celebrity crushes!

Barack dubs

President Obama Sings 'Made In The USA' by Demi

We love Demi's new track 'Made In The USA' and President Obama obviously thinks so too! Check out the latest in the hilarious BarackDubs video series.

Best of the worst

The Best of the Worst

Full points for effort! Here are our favourite The X Factor blunders from auditions so far.

Simon Raps

Simon Cowell Raps

He can dish it out but can he take it? Check out Simon Cowell rapping and judge for yourself! It's a "Yes" from us!

Simon vs the girls

Simon VS the Girls

Simon Cowell may have got more than he bargained for with Demi, Kelly and Paulina! The X Factor's Mr Mean has finally met his match!

Demi VS. Simon

The Best of Demi VS. Simon

Check out the best Demi VS. Simon moments from last season. We can't wait to see these two back together for Season 3.

Simon VS Demi: A GIF-ferific Love/Hate Relationship

Demi VS. Simon! Every week these two slug it out on the judging panel. Do they hate each other or is this just a serious case of unresolved feelings there? Check out the GIF-ferific X Factor love story.

Britney gifs

GIF It To Me X Factor!

It just keeps coming! We can't get enough of Britney's hilarious facial expressions and it looks like she is starting to rub off on Demi!

GIF It To Me Britney - Take 2!

We are loving all the performances at the X Factor Live Shows but it's Britney and her hilarious facial expressions that are stealing the show.

X Factor USA News

simon cowell

The X Factor Forced To Scrap Live Results

Heads are set to roll on the set of The X Factor USA after a graphics error has forced producers to scrap the voting results from last night's episode.

demi lovato

Demi Lovato Debuts 'Let It Go'

The X Factor judge has debut the official video for her latest single 'Let It Go' a song featured on Disney's upcoming movie 'Frozen'.

Dominic Bowden's Blog

Dominic's Blog

No Real Surprises Here

The first act to be sent home saw the whole crowd booing and seemingly quite surprised, but at this stage of the game, seriously is anything really that much of a shocker?

Dom's blog

They're Dropping Like Flies

There was a festive theme last week, as most Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving but there was nothing to celebrate for two acts, as there time on the show came to an end.