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The Warrior In The Wuss, Season 7, Ep 10


A body is found in the woods, apparently the victim of a stabbing from a metal tool, seven inches or longer. The team have trouble identifying the victim until intern Clark Edison realizes he was wearing lifts, changing his height from 5' 5" to 5' 8"... the height he had listed on his drivers' license. The victim, Tony Clark, was a trucker who was insecure about both his height and his job security; another trucker, Karl Singler – who is the guy's guy Tony always wanted to be – was vying for his route. Karl's truck is filled with long metal tools of every description, any of which could be the murder weapon... but none of them test positive. It turns out that the day before Tony was murdered, his son, Danny, called 911 when Tony got into a fight with Danny's sensei at his karate class, after Danny had started a fight with the sensei's daughter, Blake. Blake was the last person to see Tony alive, when he confronted her, believing her to have started the fight with Danny... though Danny had actually been the one who started the fight, to prove to his father how tough he was. A video her friend took of the confrontation shows that she did not kill Tony, though she embarrassed him by taking him down with her karate skills... and that video made him a laughingstock among his trucker friends. But Blake only shared the video with her friends; who made the video go viral? And is he the murderer?

Meanwhile, Booth's son Parker returns from England after four months away and meets his new baby sister Christine for the first time. Things seem to be fine at first, but Booth and Brennan become concerned when Parker begins sneaking out and lying about where he's been – and then Brennan discovers Parker has been cutting up photos of Booth, Brennan and Christine. Also, Hodgins is going overboard – and over budget – purchasing unnecessary lab equipment, and Cam forces him to decide which of his "toys" he's going to send back. In response, Hodgins makes a point of using as many pieces of equipment as he can to help solve the case.

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