Thursday 6 December

Thursday 6 December

Jett chats with VJ on the computer, where VJ says he doesn’t know where he is, his mum won’t tell him. He needs help and wants Jett to ask Liam where they are. Unfortunately, Jett doesn’t know that it’s actually Jamie using VJ’s profile to get information. Jamie, sitting at Angelo’s, is messaging Jett right under Liam’s nose. Jett runs to Liam to talk about ‘VJ’s’ message. Liam promises to sort it. He asks Jamie to leave. Later, he explains to Liam and Jett that his computer has been hacked by Jamie. Jamie watches them, hidden.

Sid is worried about Lisa and she tells Sid she is returning to Neil. He struggles to understand why she would go back to her husband. She explains that she’s returning to Neil so that he will no longer focuses on Sid’s family. She’ll then leave him, for good. They share an emotional farewell.

Harvey wants a subdued buck’s night, but Winston wants it to be large. Roo is excited, believing Marilyn has planned a Hens’. Marilyn has forgotten all about a hens night. Alf suggests a quiet night for Roo’s hens’, but she believes she needs to admit she forgot to Roo, but when Roo praises her for all her work Marilyn decides to go ahead and prepare it last minute. Winston invites all Harvey’s friends to outrageous bucks’ ideas. Alf’s sceptical of Marilyn’s half-baked plans. Harvey is kidnapped while walking home at night. This is the start of Winston’s bucks night festivities.

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