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Top 10 Ruthless Moments From Season One

Ruthless Frank House of Cards

#10 Frank Kills A Dog
The very first scene of House of Cards sets the tone for the entire series and cements the notion that Frank will do what is necessary - even kill a dog.

#9 Frank Takes The Pulpit For Political Gain
After the death of a teenager from his hometown, Frank delivers a heartfelt sermon to win over the grieving parents. Not because he cares in the slightest, but so he won’t lose his congressional seat.

#8 Frank Leaks Donald Blythe’s Education Bill
This is the first time we see Frank manipulating the press. Congressman Donald Blythe comes to him for guidance, but Frank shares a draft of his education plan - effectively knocking Blythe off the project for Frank to scoop it right up.

#7 Claire Molests A Cancer-Stricken Security Agent
Claire pays a good friend and security agent (who has served her and Frank for many years) a visit when he falls sick with cancer. He confesses his love for her and his hatred for Frank...then Claire touches him inappropriately under the hospital sheets. Because there's no bigger turn-on than cancer, and hatred.

#6 Frank and Zoe “celebrate” Father’s Day
Frank reminds Zoe that it’s Father’s Day and tells him to call him Dad. They fool around while she’s on the phone to her own father. Excuse us while we go vomit.

#5 Frank Fakes a Coup by the Majority Leader
Frank approaches the majority leader, proposing a coup to make him speaker of the house. When the congressman declines, Frank organises his ouster by telling the speaker of the house the majority leader was organising a coup.

#4 Frank Gets Russo to Drink Again
In his quest for vice presidency, Frank authorises Doug to torpedo Russo’s campaign. Which involves Doug getting Russo wasted so he makes a fool of himself during a key radio interview.

#3 Frank Uses the Death of a Child for Political Gain
During the teacher’s strike, Frank sits by the police scanner until something he can use comes through. He uses the shooting death of a third grader as his chosen moment to shine. Frank swoops in and exploits it, saying the child should’ve been in school. But wouldn't the boy have been in school if Frank hadn't played games with the strike?

#2 Frank leaves Peter in the Bathtub with a Razor Blade
Peter seeks refuge at Frank’s house after getting too drunk. Frank helpfully opens his guest’s capillaries with warm water and thins out his blood with aspirin to help Peter choose the wrong route.

#1 Frank Kills Peter Russo
Without any apparent remorse. And hits next level ruthless.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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