Top 7 Unique Selling Tactics To Sell Your Home

Top 7 Unique Selling Tactics To Sell Your Home

Want a point of difference when selling your home? It takes more than a batch of cookies and fresh flowers to wow potential buyers. Take a look at our top 7 tips to sell your home.

1. Hold an open house party.
Open houses are the norm when selling a home, but a good way to up the ante is by offering wine, catered food and live music. Sure it may seem over the top, but the thought will go a long way. A fancy shindig could start a buzz on your property and make your home memorable with people looking to buy.

2. Take your home interior to the extreme.
It's well known that staging your home can help it sell faster, but some sellers are taking staging a step further with Feng shui. By following the ancient Chinese philosophy, you can change the elements of a home to improve its chi, or energy. Good chi makes potential buyers feel more welcome.

3. Throw in some extravagant extras.
In the past, a free big-screen TV was enough of an incentive to get your home noticed. Times have changed, and incentives are becoming more and more substantial. Sellers are throwing in all kinds of goodies, like free cars, vacations, pricey home upgrades and monetary incentives like a year's mortgage or a furniture stipend.

4. Get Web savvy.
If the traditional method of selling your home through a real estate agent doesn't appeal to you, you may find an alternative process for selling your home on the internet. Some sellers are auctioning off their homes on trademe and other online auction sites, and sometimes find it to be more successful.

5. Let your house do the talking.
After taking the traditional route of putting a For Sale sign in your front yard and placing an ad with a real estate agent, try some hi-tech advertising. Think about creating a website for your home to give it a point of difference and to offer as much info as you can about the house.

6. Put your house on the auction block.
Sellers looking to sell their homes quickly are choosing the auction route. Keep in mind that the total costs of auctioning off a home yourself are often the same or more than the costs of selling a home through an agent.

7. Let buyers sleep on it.
For serious potential buyers who are on the fence about buying your home, let them sleep on it -- literally. By letting buyers spend the night in your home, you're allowing them to get the full experience of living there. A trial run could be just what they need to sign on the dotted line. Be sure to consult with your real estate agent or attorney first.

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