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Typical Auckland God: Season 3, Episode 7

Typical Auckland God: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3, Ep 7

Axl wakes up in a strange bed, with a beautiful barmaid called Suzie.  It transpires that after getting thrown up on by Derrick, Whangamaungamoa rather improved, with Axl getting to drink lots of beer and then, obviously, getting on rather fabulously with Suzie. Of course that might all change because there is the small matter of Derrick having lost Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, to be attended to.

Initial investigations into the hammer disappearance lead Axl to discover that Derrick’s farm is in an even worse state than Derrick himself – which is saying something. What is more Derrick is at war with Thom and Kerry, the gay couple who own the farm next door. This war is over everything from a disputed piece of land to musical differences. And when Derrick says he ‘lost’ Mjolnir, the truth of the matter is that he flung it at their house and they are refusing to give it back until he apologises.

Meanwhile, Ty is being driven mad by the fact that there are posters of Dawn everywhere, as he cycles the streets on his appointed courier rounds.  How can he be expected to get over here where everywhere he goes, there she is? His frustration levels are starting to rise.

Back in Whangamaungamoa, Suzie is shedding some light for Axl on the history of feud between Derrick and his neighbours. But in doing so Axl notices something remarkable about Suzie – something she is totally oblivious to: that she has the power to make seemingly empty beer bottles full again. Upon further investigation Axl realises Suzie is also from Central Hawkes Bay, and fits the ideal profile to be a Goddess. Has he, somehow, found his Frigg?

Ty resolves to fight his Dawn frustrations by embarking on a relationship with someone new. He asks cute fellow courier Alannah to go out for a drink after work. She agrees, and it looks like Ty is off and running in a whole new direction.

The opportunity for Axl to sort many things at once arises when he lands a job helping Suzie bartend for Thom and Kerry’s stag do held at the pub. He negotiates a peace-treaty with the happy couple meaning Derrick will get his hammer back on the proviso that he turns up at the stag do wearing the wedding dress currently hanging up in his closet. Derrick, for whom the wedding dress has huge sentimental value (it was his wife’s) agrees to this, but only after Axl/Odin orders him to, and then only on the proviso that Axl come along as his bridesmaid.

On the Suzie front a call to Olaf dashes Axl’s hopes re: Frigg.  It turns out that Suzie is the Goddess Saga, who is like Odin’s best friend and drinking buddy.  Axl is now faced with a decision as to whether or not to tell Suzie of her Goddess nature.

As Axl is getting frocked up for the stag do, Ty’s date with Alannah – a night in with food and a DVD – hits a major snag as various others crash his party: Olaf and Anders, out on a bender; and Dawn and Lance, invited along by Alannah. Ty’s frustration levels climb to the point where he realises the glass in his hand is freezing – Hod is back!

At the stag do, Derrick is a no show, so Axl valiantly mounts Suzie’s scooter and goes in search of his bride. He finds Derrick astride his tractor trying to commit suicide. Summoning all his Odin-wisdom Axl talks Derrick out of this final act and gets him to the ball, where Derrick serenades the happy couple and Mjolnir is duly returned. In another burst of wisdom he decides not to tell Suzie she is a Goddess, because sometimes ignorance is bliss.

The next day Axl moves on to Norsewood, a much happier unit. And there he finds a note waiting for him: Jormungand is stirring. Axl has found both wisdom and purpose.

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