Tips and Picks from Your Favourite Comedian

Ever wondered what comedians find funny themselves? Well we wondered as much ourselves, so we've asked your favourite 7Days regulars to tell us their Picks for this year's Comedy Festival and also a few tips on how to avoid being picked on, on the night.

Check back each week for new tips and picks from your 7Days comics.

Urzila Carlson's Tips and Picks


Top 5 Must See Shows

—Justine Smith & Irene Pink: The Pitch
—Janey Godley: The Godley Hour
—Tevita Manukia: Knock Knock
—Nick Rado's Comedy Bunker
—Ben Hurley :Actually I do Mind

Top Tips For Surviving the Festival

—If you are going to heckle try not to drink too much courage because you need to be sober enough to make sense!
—Keep your heckles short and sweet!
—Be prepared!
—If going in a group meet before hand and ask how people react at comedy shows, you do not want to sit near the heckler or the jackass.
—Have a meal beforehand as to line the stomach so that after the show you can introduce yourself to the comedians and buy them a drink or 5 and then you are ready to stay up late!
—When in doubt about any shows or where to go, pop along to the Classic on Queen street, there will ALWAYS be someone there that will help you, give you advice or try and sell you tickets.

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