Sally and Jaime Ridge

What Are People Saying?


"Its just one of those components you just have to wait for bahahahaha. Like if you get it."

"most of you dudes would tap them lol"

"They are as blonde as they can get....what's a referendum mummy.... a man who referee's a boxing match....hahahahaha...really.....and as for Mathew's name really....he should step in there and demand some money...if he already hasn't."

"Bloody hell here we go again it will only be a matter of time and I suppose Nikki Watson OH SORRY NICOLA (whatever) will b guest starring,,kill me now..."

"What is so important about some woman who married a low tier All Black and had a kid to him. Neither of them are in the least bit important or have class."

"why bother playing it on tv3, its not like they're gonna hav as much views as the kardashians. -__- :P"

"Wow. Because these 2 are such HUGE celebrities I cant wait to see the wacky adventures they get up to...wait...who are they again? oh yeah, Auckland socialites, now theres a claim to fame. 5 bucks says the series is cancelled quicket than that GC crap."

"lol comments are showing this will be as popular as The GC!!!! hahaha, ill watch out if they get their growlers out."

"The whole ad is for the show is made up of stuff people said about the show. So it's a show about people who people talk about, that we can watch and then talk about... we can talk about why we watch it or don't watch it.. and they can then make more shows about how everybody is talking about the show and watching the show or not watching the show..... right?"

How can anyone call it rubbish etc.. without having actually seen it? I would hate to have you guys on my jury if I ever have one :)"

"It's matthew... he just crossed the road" omg #6days #theridges"

"Oh, New Zealand. Stop being so cool. #TheRidges"

"I freely admit Im looking forward to watching #theridges I look forward 2 watching some amazing ladies who r nz tall poppies"

"which could be worse? Wanganui's welcome mat for Wilson or phenomenal ratings for #TheRidges???"

"I did see a trailer for #TheRidges last night and much as I am pleased NZ is making more reality shows it looks like utter pants!"

"Love the promo for the show @sallyridge, @JaimeRidge24 perfect example of how great you've both been with all of this. #TV3 #TheRidges"

#TheRidges promo song stuck in my head. Not good, not good!

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