The Johnsons

ZEB (Hayden Frost)


HAYDEN FROST plays ZEB, Axl’s flatmate and trusty sidekick.

He is a good guy, a loyal friend, a devoted follower, a bloke you would never trust with your life and a pain in the arse, yet, for reasons that are beyond the understanding of most mere mortals, Zeb is a guy you quite like having round.

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About Hayden Frost

Hayden Frost’s role as Zeb, Axl’s rather hopeless flatmate in both series of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS is his most significant television role to date.

Hayden has already seen success in 2009 as a theatre actor when he starred in two of Willem Wassenaar’s productions The Crucible and Colony.

In the same year he went on to star as the lead role in the 2009 gothic crime comedy Predicament directed by Jason Stutter.

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