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Have You Ever Punched A Kiwi?

Good luck punching it in the face...

7 Days Don't Tinder And Drive

It ain't worth putting life and dick in danger.

7 Days The Flight From Hell

Give us a nudge if you're going down.

Dick Pics Making Samsung Phones Too Hot To Handle

It sounds like bad plot, rejected from a James Bond movie.

Chopper's Solution To The Creepy Clown Craze

Trust Chopper to have a solution to deal with the creepy clown craze haunting the United States.

What Makes Dai's Charity Name So Terrible?

Dai meant well when he came up with the name.

Everyone Has The Hots For Our Third Guest

Everyone can't stop fawning over our hunky guest.

You Have Got To Be Kitten Me!

Snip and chip with our cats...but why stop there? Maybe we should follow Dai's lead and experiment with nature.

Our Big Mountain Isn't That Big

We love to talk things up, don't we?

Why Richie McCaw Is A Lot Like Steve Irwin - Outtake

Paul said what about Richie McCaw's penis and Steve Irwin's daughter?